What will our team and community look like, if we are successful?

Our team will be joyful, prayerful and engaged with our communities.  We will be thriving, growing congregations reflecting a vivid mosaic of spirituality.  Shaped by our communities and working together with our ecumenical partners, we will offer a prophetic, Kingdom challenge.  As a result, South Cheltenham will know itself to be loved and supported.  Intrigued by what we do, they will have a growing awareness of our team and our Churches as the spiritual hubs of inclusive communities.


What will we do as a team to bring this about?

Following the Spirit’s lead, we will work together as a team, supporting each other and sharing our gifts to enable the transformation of our community, so that all may know fullness of life. 


How we will do these things?

As a team we will celebrate our ecumenical and spiritual diversity, enable lay ministry and be outward-facing.  We will be light on our feet, adventurous and innovative, taking risks as we grow together.

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